Magento 2 Countdown Timer Extension

Introducing the Tridhyatech Countdown Promotion Timer module for Magento! This dynamic extension empowers your online store by leveraging the influential forces of urgency and scarcity to elevate your sales strategy. Packed with robust features, this module allows you to seamlessly integrate countdown timers across every page, witnessing a significant boost in your conversion rates. Immerse your customers in an atmosphere of excitement as they are prompted to take action swiftly before the clock runs out. With our Countdown Promotion Timer, transform casual window shoppers into dedicated... Read More

Key Features:

  • Enable/Disable the extension according to administrative preferences.
  • Countdown Widgets Management.
  • Create, edit, and delete countdown timers.
  • Monitor widget details: name, status, start time, and end time.
  • Bulk deletes timers for efficient management.
  • Configure new timers easily.
  • Assign timers to specific store views.
  • Define timer position within the layout.
  • Attach timers to various website pages.
  • Set start and end times for timer visibility.
  • Customize text messages before and after the countdown.
  • Add clickable links to timers.
  • Choose from six pre-designed countdown timer templates.
  • Customize timer design and color to align with website aesthetics.
  • Select from design options such as Clear, Round (Simple), Honeycomb, Transparent, Round, and Progress Bar.
  • Seamlessly insert timers into any block of CMS pages

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